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Hungry Heights Canteen

Our canteen is operated by the P&C Canteen Committee, a sub-group of the P&C. Hungry Heights is staffed by parent and fellow school mother, Jess Ward, who has training in Hospitality and is the most wonderful cook.

When is it open?

Hungry Heights is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for lunch. At MHPS our lunch break is before recess so children are welcome to order additional snacks in their lunch order and keep hold of them to eat during their recess break.

How do I order?

Ordering is online through QuickCliq and closes each day at 8:30am. Online ordering allows for much easier staffing, stock control, recording of the more popular food choices and our accountants love it too! Cash is welcome for over the counter sales like healthy slushies (made predominantly from apple juice), iceblocks and our beloved and very popular Brownie Balls.

What can I order for my child?

Our menu is rotating and seasonal. Don’t be stressed if a favourite menu item of your child is discontinued the following term; encourage them to try something new, they may find a new favourite! Most children order a meal, a snack and a drink. The drinks are at room temperature, due to condensation destroying the paper bag, however, children are welcome to return unopened drinks on the day to the canteen and collect a cold one.

Is it healthy?

The P&C Canteen Committee is committed to developing a menu that is convenient, sustainable and healthy; and it is reviewed often.  Our Menu has an array of healthy options for children as required by the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy. Our Canteen Committee has avoided external providers of convenience foods opting for Jess to create meals that are brimming with nutritional value.

Who inspects Hungry Heights?

Hungry Heights is inspected annually, without notice, by the Newcastle City Council. Our last review was very successful with Hungry Heights awarded 5/5 stars.

How can I get involved?

Volunteer! Our canteen does have a part-time staff member, but our regular volunteers ensure we can stay open. We need volunteers to open on Thursdays and Fridays to help prep orders, and assist serving the kids over the counter. Sign up here to volunteer! Fridays are our busiest time and volunteers helping Jess have been known to pack 160 lunches!